We successfully closed the comprehensive security course for individuals, groups and defending communities

We successfully closed the comprehensive security course for individuals, groups and defending communities


The second edition of the Comprehensive Security Course for environmental defenders in Mexico City, held on August 4 and 5, concluded successfully. This course is part of the “Protecting People, Protecting Nature” (P3N) initiative. The event, organized by ProDESC in collaboration with ELAW, Creatura, CEMDA and Global Greengrants Fund, had the main objective of strengthening defenders, groups and communities and promoting a culture of comprehensive security in their work.

For three months, 33 participants from more than 12 states of the Mexican Republic immersed in a training process that addressed the importance of recognizing themselves as defenders and acting preventively against the risks they face due to their work.

During this training process, the importance of considering security as a minimum condition for the defense of human rights was emphasized. The course focused on strengthening the right to defend as a crucial component in organizational and community processes aimed at defending and preserving collective rights and the right to a healthy environment, while addressing issues related to the collective management of their security, the legal framework and institutional protection mechanisms.

At the closing ceremony, Alejandra Ancheita, executive director of ProDESC, expressed her recognition to the participants for their commitment during these three months of work and highlighted that: “the work they do is extremely valuable in the context of the climate crisis, which disproportionately affects women and girls, and in one of the most lethal regions for environmental defenders.”

To make this training possible, the participation of experts from different disciplines and parts of Latin America was sought, such as Claudia Samayoa and Jorge Santos from UDEFEGUA-Guatemala, Lucía Lagunes from CIMAC, Alicia Pradera from Pensamiento y Acción Social-Colombia, the National Network of Human Rights Defenders in Mexico, Yésica Sánchez of Consorcio Oaxaca and Benjamin Cokelet of Empower, among other people.

This achievement was possible thanks to the support of various entities such as the Packard, Sandler, Marisla, Summit, Ford, Walton Family and the Christensen Fund foundations that support the initiative.