A “4X10” plan for why and how to unlock the potential of the OECD guidelines

The current political momentum around the OECD Guidelines provides a long overdue   opportunity to unlock their full potential. Immediate action is needed by governments to strengthen the effectiveness of the Guidelines as a force for ensuring that companies behave responsibly in their operations and business relationships around the world.

On the occasion of  this milestone anniversary, governments must demonstrate their commitment to making the Guidelines a relevant tool for governing today’s global economy. This briefing provides a “4 x 10" bullet-point plan highlighting four key features that give the Guidelines the potential to help ensure  businesses behave responsibly. It also includes ten actions that governments must take to unlock  that potential and to advance their legally binding obligations to further the effectiveness of the  Guidelines.

OECD Watch 4×10 briefing on OECD Guidelines and NCPs_June 2016     

 Click above for the full PDF. Haz clic arriba para leer el documento completo (en inglés).

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