Transnational Justice School

Given the context of widespread human rights violations in Mexico, ProDESC identified the need for a professional training space for new generations of human rights defenders.

ProDESC—with support from the Bertha Foundation—has actively supported the Transnational Justice School, an institution that seeks to promote the creation of new generations of ESCR defenders, with a particular focus on the principle of human rights, the framework of transnational justice, and the construction of collective and community subjects with political agency.

The first generation of students—who began their studies on July 6, 2017—has an enrolment of 25 women and 12 men from 14 Mexican states, Participants include law students and qualified lawyers; community defenders involved in processes of defending land and territory; defenders working on the defense of labor rights; rural indigenous women and women workers participating in various resistance processes.

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Sobre el inicio de la primera generación

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