RADAR Program

RADAR is a program created by ProDESC to contribute to the eradication of violations of labor human rights that occur against migrant workers during the recruitment processes for temporary work in the United States (US) under the H-2A visa system. H-2B.

The program works in the following manner: reports are collected on violations of labor human rights; investigates the supply chains (production and distribution process) of product and labor linked to those violations; and the involved employers, supply chain actors, and government agencies responsible for enforcing labor human rights legislation in the recruitment process are notified. With this information, RADAR seeks to create incentives for all the actors that benefit from this system to contribute to the exercise of more ethical recruitment processes.

Fraud and undue collections during the recruitment process are one of the main violations of labor human rights that occur against temporary migrant workers; however, there are also abuses during his stay and work in the northern country, and even after his return to Mexico.

The RADAR program appeals to existing labor laws in the US to make effective the joint and several liability of US employers for abuses committed by their Mexican recruiters. The most direct and fair way to change the behavior of recruiters, whose activity depends on the demand for labor from employers, is to focus on joint responsibility, employers and actors within supply chains

The RADAR action protocol includes 5 steps:

  • Collect information and organize training campaigns.   
  • Investigate supply chains.   
  • Notify actors: employer, brands that have corporate social responsibility policies or codes of conduct, and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.   
  • Offer viable alternatives for ethical recruitment to employers.   
  • Feed a data base of the RADAR Program that will incorporate all the information about the report, the research of the supply chains and the notifications to the RADAR technology platform.

Human rights violated:

  • Right to freedom of association
  • Right to collective bargaining
  • Right to non-discrimination at work
  • Right to pay equality


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