National Coordinator of Women Defenders of Human Labor Rights

National Coordinator of Women Defenders of Human Labor Rights (CNDDHL, for its initials in Spanish) is a project that joins up the work of various organizations representing women workers in Mexico and collectives of women who defend labor rights.

This process was started in 2013 at the initiative of ProDESC and consists of domestic workers, assembly-line workers, agricultural day laborers and temporary migrant workers. The Office is a collective organization and political space that seeks to generate lobbying and participatory initiatives in order to strengthen the defense of labor rights of women workers.

One of the most important aspects of this project is that it also constitutes a space in which the constituent organizations can consolidate their work and contribute to building networks of solidarity, collective learning, analysis and critical reflection on the conditions of women workers.

The CNDDHL is an unprecedented organizational effort in Mexico’s labor movement, since it places emphasis on the working conditions of women employed in four of the most marginalized, vulnerable sectors of the country’s economy.

Violated Human Rights:

  • Right to freedom of association
  • Right to collective contracts
  • Right to non-discrimination in the workplace
  • Right to equal pay

Further information:

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